A L B A N Y   P E T   N A N N Y



My name is Darcie. I am a Standard Poodle and I believe that I have super powers. I love to jump on people, around people, and on my brothers and sisters. One of my favorite
Activities is to chase my cats. Maria comes over a lot when my parents are out of town and she gives me well needed training. She has a calmness that I need ...in my life.
I can pick out good people and Maria is definitely good people. She's my people.

From Fuji:Thanks for taking such good care of me while my parents were in Hawaii for two weeks.  I look forward to seeing you again when they go out of town again.  Hope you like the picture of me with my Hawaiian shirt. Love, Fuji.

From Stewie's Dad: I wanted to add Stewie's pic to your testimonials.  So I attached a pic, and you can mirror the sentiments of everyone else - the advantage of having someone who knows your pets that comes to your house is HUGE!  So much better than boarding!

From Bishop and Janie's Dad:
The Pet Nanny, aka Maria, exhibits a genuine love and enthusiasm for animals.
The first time I talked to her, via phone, I knew right away she would take
great care of our pets...and then meeting her for the first time only
reinforced that first impression...she is amazing...

From Betsy:

Hi, my name is Betsy and I live with a great family. When my family can’t be
 with me, Maria is a great substitute mom. Maria feeds me and bathes me
and lets me wear pretty ribbons to dress up for my family. When she comes
 to take care of me, I don’t even get the chance to miss my real family
because she pets me and plays with me and gives me lots of love.
She even leaves a night light on for me so I don’t get scared when I am alone.
 Maria helps my family by getting their mail and turning the house lights on.
Maria also leaves a report card of all my activities for my family so they know
 what I was up to when they were away. You should ask your family to let Maria
 take care of you when they have to go away!


From Millie's Mom:

It's  so nice to know that Maria, the Pet Nanny, loves my dog as much as I do.

She's never had a Nanny as nice as Maria.



From Trouble, and her Mom:

    "My name is Trouble and Beta is my brother.  We are so happy that Maria takes great care of us when my people have to go places.
 She is so sweet and takes me for long walks in the park.  Beta is always happy to get more love, food, and some catnip when Maria comes by our house.  She also waters the plants, feeds the koi, gets our mail.
     My family is so relieved to have a trustworthy petsitter that has gone the
 extra mile."  "Maria has found tickets that I forgot to mail...( I remembered
 on the way to the airport) and she put them in the mail for me.  LIFESAVER
is not too strong a word to express my gratitude to her.  It is such a blessing
 to ask her to watch out for my pets and to know that she will take  care of
them as though they belong to her."


From Stone's Mom:

This is one of my kitties named Stone.  Stone shares his home with three other kitties, Sam, Abby, and Belle and also a little dog named Barney.  With so many animals to care for, it was difficult to leave home and feel confident that our babies were being cared for…until we met Maria.  Maria is amazing!  She takes care of everything including picking up the mail, giving Sam his medicine each day, feedings, and potty breaks for Barney.
  She even leaves us notes for each visit so we can know just what everyone
was up to while we were away.  Our babies truly love her and I would recommend
her to anyone.


From Larry and Newton's Mom and Dad:

I don't know what she did but the Boys absolutely loved her.  Cats are not generally very social creatures anyway but they were very sweet when we got home from our trip.  Really easygoing and docile.
So absolutely don't take your cats to the kennel while you're gone.  They'll be much happier if you invite the Albany Pet Nanny over to visit them in their own house!
Pleased Parents of Larry and Newton

I cannot thank you enough for taking good care
of my animals while I was gone. It is worth every cent to feel like your animals are in good hands and not stressed!!

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